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Rabbi Yossi Gluckowsky was born in 1986 in Rehovot, a city in the center of Israel. He learned in the Chabad school of Rehovot during his elementary and high school years. He went on to do his rabbinical studies in France and New York. Rabbi Gluckowsky got his rabbinic certification in July 2008. He went on periodic rabbinic missions in Caracas Venezuela, Frankfurt Germany, and Brunoy France. He married Mushky Gluckowsky in August 2010 in New York  and moved to Israel to teach Kabalah, chassidus and Jewish law in the rabbinic school in Jerusalem. Upon the request of the Jews in Closter,  Rabbi Shain invited Rabbi Gluckowsky and his family to serve the Jewish community in Closter and open the first Orthodox Shul. 

Rabbi Gluckowsky is joined with his family: Chanale, 6; Chavi, 4; Miriam, 3; Sheina, 2; Schneur, 1. They live in live in Closter, NJ where they established Chabad of Closter in 2017.